Welcome to Trent Hills Self Storage

Conveniently located in the heart of Trent Hills, family owned and operated Trent Hills Self Storage (THSS) offers safe, easy access to stress-free self storage for Campbellford, Hastings, Warkworth, Roseneath, Norwood, Havelock, Keene, Brighton, Quinte West and surrounding areas.

Whether you are moving, downsizing, upsizing, renovating or looking for inventory space for your business, we have the storage solution that’s right for you!

Simply choose from a variety of storage sizes to handle all of your self storage needs including

  • moving
  • down-sizing
  • up-sizing
  • renovating
  • extra space for your business inventory

We promise that your storage unit will be clean and ready to rent. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help!

Derek Lynch, Owner
info@trenthillsselfstorage.com | 705.930.6294

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Self Storage Unit Sizes:

10 x 10

The size of half of a one car garage, this unit fits the contents of a one bedroom apartment, including several small to medium-sized boxes, and items such as mattress sets, sofas, dressers, bookcases and desks.

10 x 15

The size of two thirds of a one car garage, this unit accommodates the contents of a two bedroom apartment or house including boxes, and items such as mattress sets, sofas, dressers, bookcases, desks and appliances.

10 x 20

The size of a standard, one car garage, this unit fits the contents of a three bedroom house and major appliances including boxes, and items such as mattress sets, sofas, dressers, bookcases and desks.

FAQ’s: Your most commonly asked questions answered

Rent is due and payable on your move-in anniversary date each month. We offer a wide variety of payment options including in person by cash, cheque, credit card on file e-Transfer. Many tenants choose to leave post-dated cheques on file.
Yes, $50 in addition to your first month’s rent. Once you’ve moved out, we will inspect the unit to make sure its free from damage and all contents have been removed. We will then return your deposit.
We require 30 days written notice prior to moving out. Also, once you have completely vacated the unit, please let the office know so that a unit inspection may be conducted.
The items you place in self storage units are the sole responsibility of you, their owner. Goods are not insured by the storage facility. If your insurance does not cover stored possessions, check with your local insurance agent about acquiring insurance coverage for your possessions.
Yes, you provide the lock for your unit(s). We recommend the MasterLock Magnum® Shrouded 2-3/4" Disc Lock.
Common sense and government laws determine what may be stored in self storage facilities. Please read the following to ensure that you, your belongings and your fellow customers are safe at all times. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. As a rule, never store any of the following:
  • Firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition.
  • Hazardous, toxic or radioactive goods, biological agents and flammable materials and liquids. These present a serious danger to the facility, its personnel, other customers and your goods.
  • Gas canisters (e.g. for barbeques or recreational vehicle use) and aerosol cans.
  • Pollutants, contaminated goods, asbestos or other materials of a potentially dangerous nature.
  • Cash or securities, coins, precious stones, jewellery, antiques or fine art unless specifically agreed with us in writing, in advance of storing such goods in the unit.
  • Illegal substances, illegal items or goods illegally obtained.
  • Birds, fish, animals or any other living creature.
  • Food or perishable goods. Dry foods (like rice, flour, pet food etc.).
  • Scented candles or ornaments made of edible ingredients (e.g. popcorn strings, cookie or play-dough ornaments).Waste or other items which do or could emit any fumes, smell or odour.

156 Elgin Street, Hastings, Ontario
705.930.6294 | info@trenthillsselfstorage.com